MMSA 2018: Laurel Wins 4 Awards

Good news! Laurel racked up 4 Mississippi Main Street awards at the luncheon this year! Main Street chapters from all over the state attended and fellowshipped together over the vast revitalization that’s sweeping Mississippi.

Continue reading for a run down of what we got!

Home Town Heroes

Main Street Hero –?This award recognizes one outstanding community leader or public figure who has displayed an involved commitment to downtown and his or her Main Street program.

Winner: Mallorie Rasberry (nominated by Laurel Main Street)

Director: Judi Holifield

Accepting: Mallorie Rasberry

“There? are? people? who? are? dedicated? volunteers? and? passionate? advocates? for? their? towns.? They? are? at? almost? every? event? and? are? valued.? You? give? them? awards? to? show? your? appreciation? and? thank? them? constantly? for? their? service.? Then,? there? are? people? who? have? been? there? since? the? beginning,? are? at? every? event,? and? you? never? get? the? opportunity? to? thank? them? because,? if? you? did,? you? would never? be? able? to? stop.? There? are? people? without? whom? the? success? of? the? organization? is? immediately? called? into? question.? That,? ladies? and? gentlemen,? is? Mallorie? Rasberry –Wife,? mother,? accountant,? and? fierce? advocate? for? Downtown? Laurel,? Mississippi.? When? it? comes? to? service? with? Laurel? Main? Street,? Mallorie? has? done? it? all,? including? the? early? mornings? and? late? nights.? When? thinking? about? her? hard? work,? what? else? can? we? call? her? besides? Laurel Main Street’s Hero?”

Outstanding Adaptive Reuse Project This award is granted to the best adaptive reuse of a building that has outlived its former use.

Winner: Laurel Main Street – The Burton’s Building

Director: Judi Holifield

Accepting: Josh Nowell

“Laurel? Main? Street? Executive? Director,? Judi? Holifield,? used? to? say? that? rehabilitating? the? Burton’s? building? would? be? the? ultimate? domino? effect;? all? of? the? other? buildings? along? Magnolia? Street? would? be? sold? if? only? that? one? could? be.? Josh? Nowell? bought? the? building? and? breathed? new? life? into? it.? The? historic? character? of? the? building? was? preserved,? including? the? vintage? sign,? while? new? businesses? were? allowed? to? make? their? own? mark? on? it.? It? is? currently? full? with? two? retail? stores,? a? co-working? space,? and the offices? for? an? engineering? firm,? and? a? restaurant.? The? best? part? is? that? Judi? Holifield? was? right,? and? Magnolia Street? is? now? filled? with? businesses.”

Outstanding Community Transformation?– This is an overall award that goes to a Main Street program that has achieved a successful, preservation-based downtown revival.

Winner (Medium Size town): Laurel Main Street

Director: Judi Holifield

Accepting: Lew Yoder

“How? do? you? bring? a? town? back?? It’s? a? question? that? has? no? easy? answers,? and? the? answers? that? are? given? usually? require? years? and? more? work? than? one? might? ever? imagine.? However,? for? Downtown? Laurel,? there? is? no? question? that? the? town? has? been? revived? in? a? powerful? way.? A? stream? of? dedicated? volunteers? has? made? possible? a? vibrant? town? full? of? creative? and? passionate? people.? Over? a? dozen? new? businesses? have? opened? in? the? past? two? years,? and? more? are? on? the? way;? vacant? buildings? are? now? the? exception ?rather? than? the? rule.? LMS? is? at? the? center? of? a? web? of? transformation,? where? local? business? doesn’t? just? survive;? it? thrives.”

Merchant of the Year This award recognizes one outstanding local business owner who has a flourishing and innovative business and displayed an involved commitment to downtown and his or her Main Street program.

Winner: Lott Furniture Company (nominated by Laurel Main Street)

Director: Judi Holifield

Accepting: Rodney Rowell

“Lott? Furniture? Co.? is? Laurel’s? oldest? business.? They? have? over? a? century? of? history? in? our? small? town? and? a? plan? to? stick? around? another? hundred? years.? Rodney? Rowell? and? his? wife? Angie? believe? that? their? business? is? more? than? just? a? means? to? an? end;? they? believe? that? it? is? a? resource? for? them? to? put? down? roots? and? live? in? a? community? of? people? united? toward? a? common? goal.? The? business? is? most? certainly? a? family? affair.? Rodney’s? mother? worked? there? for? over? 50? years,? and? he? and? Angie? met? at? Lott? when? she? started? working? there? as? well.? The? Lott? team? has? taken? Mr.? Lott’s? original? business? model? and? adapted? it? for? young? people? who? are? moving? to? Laurel,? and? they? are? dedicated? to? being? tireless? advocates? for? their? town.? Laurel Main Street? hopes? we? never? have? to? know? a? Downtown? Laurel? without? Lott? Furniture!”

We are immensely proud of all the winners at this year’s MMS Awards, which most definitely grants a “Congrats!” to all Laurelites. It’s absolutely amazing that Laurel received “Outstanding Community Transformation” out of all medium-size towns in MS.

How well deserved! Everyone’s hard work is paying off, and will continue to do so years in the future.?

We are personally so grateful for the state-wide recognition of “Merchant of the Year”. We’d like to thank each and every person for their unconditional support of Lott Furniture. Co. over the past 100 years of business, especially to our customers. Without you guys, we are not Lott Furniture.

Once again, thank you. Thank you for every purchase, every kind word, and every referral. We just want to bring you home.

-Keri Rowell, Lott Furniture Co.

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